Smart School has started!

Class has been underway for awhile and I have a lot to process. Some of the things I’ve done so far has been sketching more stylized forms based in critique to prep for the first project. Going to scary new places these next few months. This is the beginning stages of my first project. Look familiar? If you remember last year, I was working on an image similar to this, but…

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Arts in progress

from Instagram: I’m going to crank out paintings like there’s no tomorrow. I hope that I can stay this productive when the school year starts. from Instagram: More paintings based on the 100dayproject sketches. from Instagram: from Instagram: from Instagram:

New Art: Sweet Beginnings and Bitter Ends

Sweet Beginnings and Bitter Ends

graphite, color pencil, ink and spray paint.

This is for Kelly McKernan’s Linearity exhibition in June. I will have another piece to work on in the meantime, but I think I will keep that one hidden until it gets closer to the show. Here are the remaining progress pics below.

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Studio Graveyard: artworks that lead to nowhere

The stop and go of the studio makes it difficult to commit to finishing works. I have a feeling there’s going to be plenty of graveyard work-in-progress images. Here are possible works that have no expectation of making it to the finish line.

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In the Studio: figures fully rendered

Figures are fully rendered. I spent a bit of time on an art submission and an illustration project, so progress has slowed down a bit. Once the background is drawn, there will be adjustments made overall to finalize the drawing. I’ll be excited to see this finally finished. So much work has been put into this drawing, I would hate to see it unfinished any longer.

Studio progress

This blog hasn’t been updated on a daily basis like it has the last few months. I’m trying to scale back my online activities so I can finally get some studio work accomplish. I already began with some photography/photoshopping for preliminary layers for my next silkscreen series. Above is a photo of an icy river taken from the bridge vantage point. I’m mimicking a lot of the accidental marks and atmospheric flood strokes I did on my last series by using source imagery such as the one above. I’m planning to use Minnesota winters as the thematic backdrop for this series, tailoring the narrative around isolation and loneliness and an assortment of other ideas. Lots of pictures of snow and trees to make drawings/environmental layers.


I was testing different faces for some of the earlier drawings. I didn’t want to keep using the same 2 portraits so I made two more to interchange. I’m not sure if it works yet. It still feels unresolved…or I’m getting accustom to overproducing the drawings. Meh.