Smart School has started!

Class has been underway for awhile and I have a lot to process. Some of the things I’ve done so far has been sketching more stylized forms based in critique to prep for the first project. Going to scary new places these next few months. This is the beginning stages of my first project. Look familiar? If you remember last year, I was working on an image similar to this, but…

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Smart School Rebecca L. Guay

SmArt School Fall 2015

In other news, I am starting a mentorship in the fall. Starting this month, I will be enrolled in SmArt School. I am doing a full mentorship with artist, Rebecca Guay. You can see her art below and I would recommend visiting her site. I’m in such awe of her work. I got another reminder back in June that I need to go into art boot camp mood for the next…

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Upcoming Shows and Sales

If you’re wanting to buy my work and live in Minneapolis, Miami, or St. Louis, this is the perfect time. Here are shows or sales that I’m currently involved in:
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My Mentor, Laura Stack

Some drawings and painting from my mentor, Laura Stack.

Get StARTed

The Chambers Luxury Art Hotel’s Burnet Art Gallery’s “Get StARTed” exhibition card.