Input is always welcome. For commissions, exhibitions/group shows, inquiries, or anything else, definitely email me using the contact form at the bottom:

Sales: Can be directed towards my shop page. Any sales that you are interested in can be arranged and listed for purchase on those sites. Works will not be purchase for cash or check by email. Scammers are big fans of this, I am not.

Things I request no more inquiries on:

1.) Techniques: Most take too long to explain and I don’t have a lot of free time. At best you can always request I make a future blog post for said technique. With that said, I’m requesting no more emails on Wintergreen oil. Please just google to find your answers, because that’s all I do when I’m responding to those emails and it’s just saving a middleman at this point.

2.) Phone calls/Personal Meetings: Please don’t give me your personal phone number and/or request I call you or try and set up a “coffee meeting.” I like my privacy (and also not a phone person), please respect that. Not trying to be heinous, I just like boundaries.

3.) Invites to join <insert Social Network here>: Please don’t invite me to social networks I’m not on, such as LinkedIn. If I’m not on that site, I don’t want to be. Honestly, this is probably the easiest way to annoy me.

4.) “Can I use <insert artwork title> on a gig poster design I made” or any other variation: This is kind of specific and I’ve had a few emails in the past where people assumed I would naturally go along with giving permission to use my images in a gig poster. I’m not usually in support of this because of how the original work was intended to be seen as fine art, not a commercial illustration. If it is used for a commercial or promotional purposes, it cheapens the original value of the image with tour dates and a band name slapped on the side.

Also, for whatever reason, this request gets paired with, “we don’t have any money to pay you upfront, but you could get the percentages…blah blah blah…” NO. If you want a gig poster illustration or similar request, you commission one and we work out payment details. That’s how business works.

5.) Request for Link exchanges: I’m not taking requests for link exchanges, so please refrain from sending a request. The links I provide on my website are from friends and close business contacts that I want to pay my respects by linking them back. I keep it small and selective and since they’re located on the sidebar, I would like to keep it the list short and not distracting for the website.

Lastly, please forgive me if I take awhile to respond back. Things get hectic, but I do keep track of emails that need response. Thanks!


You can contact me with inquiries at meganfrau [at] gmail [dot] com

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