In The Studio: New Works In Progress

Here are a nice round of in progress work photos of projects I’m switching between this summer. It has been excited to finally have decent studio habits and steady work progress. No more slumps and creative hang ups, I think I’m on my way now!

New artwork coming soon

  I will be in a group show in June that is gold leaf themed, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” at the Swoon Gallery. I’m excited to test out a new medium and it was very daunting to work with the material. I’m finally over the “oh crap I know nothing about what I’m doing” to “I’ve got this!” Level up!   I concentrated on a theme of gold/fool’s gold analogy…

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Date: March 29, 2013

Author: Megan Frauenhoffer

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Work in progress: more transferring

strangemedley: Transferring drawing #3 #sketching #drawing #wip #studio #meganfrau     People are often curious what I use to transfer my work and it’s just simple transfer paper I buy in a roll, typically the blue color.

juxtapoz feature of megan frau

Brand New Year

    I’ve been working off and on the past two months starting new work started in the hopes that I can propose shows for galleries. I’m trying out new ideas with the current pieces I made and I have a series that I am researching and beginning my drawings and thumbnails images. That said, I will probably keep majority of the completed work unpublished until I have the series completed…

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In the Studio: figures fully rendered

Figures are fully rendered. I spent a bit of time on an art submission and an illustration project, so progress has slowed down a bit. Once the background is drawn, there will be adjustments made overall to finalize the drawing. I’ll be excited to see this finally finished. So much work has been put into this drawing, I would hate to see it unfinished any longer.

Artwork revisions

I’ve been tinkering with some of the “completed” prints that I wasn’t satisfied by their finished states. The Snow Queen felt a little unfinished and missing something that would give it a stronger visual impact. The print collage, Mixed Blessings, may have been finished but too similar to Metamorphosis to stand on its own. With paint, I chose to experiment with the artworks.

Misfits, misprints and collage

I’ve been cutting up and making collages of the bad prints again. Every imperfect print used to make my composite monsters and freaks. I love it. I feel like Frankenstein but with paper.

Monsters, books, and collage

I had so many bad prints left over from the print edition, which makes great fodder for collage. I wanted to create new works similar to the collage pieces from third semester of grad school (majority of the black/gold print pieces on the art page), but the resulting works lend more toward drawing ideas. I might even trace some of the faces and add slight alterations to suit the new drawing. It seems like I wasted time cutting and pasting these images, but I enjoy the ideas that come from collage. It’s a different approach from sketching, which sometimes the rustiness puts me off from exploring ideas.