Solomon the Peacemaker cover illustration by Megan Frauenhoffer

Date: July 17, 2014

Author: Megan Frauenhoffer


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Commissioned: Solomon Book Illustration

It happens on occasion, but I do get hired to do illustrations for small press books and I love it. Usually the authors or creative directors give me a lot of autonomy and a great set up to work with the imagery. This project was commissioned last year and the book was published in January (yet another post that I didn’t get around to because of teaching). I was given…

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Missouri Fine Arts Academy

For the majority of June, I participated as a teaching artist at the Missouri Fine Arts Academy. Here is what the academy is about as stated on the about page: The Missouri Fine Arts Academy (MFAA) is a three-week summer residential program for highly motivated student artists in visual arts, theatre, dance, creative writing, and music. The Academy offers an intensive schedule of classes in interdisciplinary and discipline-specific arts, and a wide…

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March update

There’s not much to post, but I will show off two sketches that are a fraction of the images that I’m planning for Linearity. I’m creating two companion images that share a story of a relationship falling apart. There will be things falling apart, decaying or becoming gross in the rest of the image. Mostly, I’m just stoked to have dudes incorporated in my art again. They’re fun to draw. This week is spring break for me, I’m planning out thumbnails for other shows and then some. Also I would like to point out that I’ve been listing products of my older work on Society 6 along with my new drawings and mixed media. I have preview images of those below and later this week (or next month) I might have new products listed on Etsy.

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Hive 5: A Somewhat Quarterly Comics Anthology

This post has been long in the making. I got my copy in the mail sometime around Labor Day, but I’m just now collecting myself to write a post about it.

Here are photos on the cover design that Mark Leicht created with my illustration for the cover as well as a spread from my art buddy Cole Closser whose comic I enjoyed in the anthology.

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Prepping for the MCAD Art Sale

Getting ready to finally “bag n’ tag” my artwork for the MCAD Art Sale. I’m sending mostly unframed work since I need to ship instead of hand deliver. I know my sales would be potentially better if the art is framed, but hopefully people will seek out the work.

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